I’m Fatma

I’m a Feminine Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author & Mom.

I have a deep passion for empowering and inspiring entrepreneurial women with a mission to heal your hearts and lead a life and business of purpose, meaning, joy, and abundance.

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Fresh from the Blog

10 Year-End Questions

Taking time to reflect on the past year is a powerful process that brings appreciation and completion to the year. It allows us to explore the gifts and insights that we received in 2015. Journaling on the following questions is a fulfilling and meaningful activity...

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3 Feel-Good Tips for Feminine Leaders

I usually spend the last 2 weeks of the year creating space and setting my priorities for the New Year. This year I have had the urge to start this process earlier. 2016 is feeling powerful. If you are looking at starting off in an extraordinary way I have one spot...

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5 Calming Money Rituals

Ah money! It is such a charged subject and people exhibit so much fear and stress around it. That is why for a long time I have been so drawn to helping people heal their story around it. I grew up in very poor surroundings but I had parents who consistently directed...

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