Parisian Soirée

I am back in Toronto from my trip to Switzerland, Germany, Italy and France. I loved the enriching experience of being with family, drinking in the beauty of Switzerland, witnessing Fifa World Cup fever in Europe, doing International VIP Intensives, attending a business training, leading an International Healing and Power Circle on the Champ de Mars near the Eiffel Tower and doing a photo shoot in Paris amongst many other things.

I watched Midnight in Paris on the flight from Toronto to Zurich. You can watch the utterly beautiful intro scene here. This City of Light and Love truly romances the feminine heart.

Today’s article is about some of the things that support me on my travels and really make a difference in the quality of my experience.

International Travel Fun

Traveling for a holiday and traveling as an Entrepreneur are different experiences and need different approaches. For this trip I combined both together and learned a lot during the process. Here are some things that I did that were very helpful for me.

1. Travel journal

For traveling I carry a journal that has my whole itinerary in there as well as places I will be visiting, including addresses and phone numbers. I add any other relevant number and information I need to have. It is a given that plans change and something has to be switched but with a structure in place it was much easier to do so.

2. Must-have gadget

It’s absolutely my iPhone for me. I used it to take pictures, stay in touch with family, schedule meetings and much more. I could do business just with this alone. During this trip I created many lists in the notes section for the different cities I was visiting as well as making notes during the trip of anything I realized I could do better for my next trip.

I now have an International Travel list that I can pull up next time. I did have technical trouble with my iPhone and was very impressed by what I call the SwissApple standard of service in Zurich and Geneva.

3. International calling

I was delighted to find out about the Travel pack from my service provider. It allowed me to make calls to anywhere in the world from wherever I was without being Wi-Fi dependent.

This made it so easy for me to stay in touch with my family, call to schedule or change appointments I had and just feeling wonderful about doing business and life more efficiently with the right support in place.