Taking time to reflect on the past year is a powerful process that brings appreciation and completion to the year. It allows us to explore the gifts and insights that we received in 2015. Journaling on the following questions is a fulfilling and meaningful activity that enriches your journey and supports you in having clarity for the coming new year.

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Make space to go deeper with your answers and discover the miracles 2015 brought to your life and business.

  1. What challenged you this year?
  2. How did these experiences grow and expand you?
  3. What were your accomplishments this year?
  4. What were the major highlights?
  5. How did they enrich you?
  6. What would you have liked to have done but didn’t?
  7. What surprised you this year?
  8. Which connections brought you joy?
  9. Have you let them know?
  10. What are you grateful for?

Looking forward to making dreams come true together in 2016!