My definition of Wealth-Consciousness is the mindset you need to live the life you love.  True Wealth is wellbeing in all areas of your life. This article is based on the principle “Think in a Certain Way” from the Science of Getting Rich, the book behind the movie The Secret. You can download a free copy of the book here. Wealth-consciousness is a daily practice and requires a high level of awareness. Here is how you can support Mind, Body and Soul every day to expand your wellbeing.

Mind: Think in a Certain Way
To see a change in any area of your life you have to think in a Certain Way. The mind’s greatest power is the power to make a choice. In our deepest areas the power to choose determines the world we see, the relationships we have and the success we experience.  When you are crystal clear about your desires you will think in a Certain Way and make appropriate choices.  Hold your mind fixed upon the picture of what you want. What new choice can you make today to align with what you want?

Body: Live in a Certain Way
To experience physical wellbeing you need good food, safe shelter, beautiful clothes, rest, recreation and ease of living. To experience more wellbeing you need to do things in a Certain Way and in order to do so you must be able to think in a Certain Way. To get inspired look towards the people who are already living the life you desire and begin to live in a Certain Way that allows you to have that life too. If you want to be fit, healthy and strong, look towards those who exhibit these qualities. They do things in a Certain Way and you have the choice to do the same too. What one area of your physical wellbeing  is calling to you right now to live in a Certain Way? 

Soul: Love in a Certain Way
Love nourishes and expands your soul. To be truly happy a person has to experience  complete expression of mind, body and soul.  Nobody can be really happy unless mind, body and soul are living fully in every function. The soul thrives on the love we give and receive. The practice of Wealth-Consciousness is about living the life you love. Your life is the expression of who  you are. It begins with valuing and leading yourself first. Where are you tolerating instead of allowing the Love you so deserve to live the life you love?

Think, Live and Love in a Certain Way!