Live Your Magnificence

The Journey of a Thousand Miles

Lisa Berry, my partner for the Empower your Feminine Leadership VIP Experience I hosted in Toronto earlier this year pointed out how much she loved this picture and the message I posted on FB with it. These are my feet on the first class deck of the Alpine Scenery... read more

5 Productivity Apps Entrepreneurs Love

How incredible is it to have so many choices of amazing apps that support our life and business. The following apps are the ones that I see women entrepreneurs globally using the most for their businesses and I am also sharing my own research and experience. Your... read more

The Power of Journaling

When I started Journaling at the age of 15 I had no idea about the power of this ritual.  I was just happy to have a place to express myself . We had moved to Switzerland from Africa when I was almost 12.  Besides being homesick for Africa I also did not know where I... read more