It is such an exciting time as I see more women everywhere taking their lives in their own hands and doing what it takes to live a life they love and deserve. To be able to coach these game changing women has to be the most fulfilling work in the world.

As a Feminine Leader you must be feeling the current shifting and the calling to lead the change. If you are heeding it then you will be feeling the same way about your work. If not then take the time to get clear on what you would love to do that is meaningful and fulfilling for you.

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How Leaders Influence

It is common to see both women and men doubt their Leadership abilities regardless of what level they are working at in business or corporate especially if they are approaching a new level. You can only influence others to the extent you influence yourself. Make it part of your daily practice and the rest will flow from there.

Look inward
There is only one of you on this planet and you are here to live your unique purpose. A woman who is connected to herself and her purpose becomes a transformational force of nature. When you are in your Zone of Genius your passion and joy will be contagious.

Look upward
Your true self is always receiving guidance from God for your purpose. Ask for what you need and be open to receiving support. Use prayer, meditation and journaling to hear the answers. Listen and take action on them. It is where you source your Power.

Stay in the Game
The journey of a Feminine Leader is a journey of courage, vulnerability and faith. There will always be challenges and obstacles to overcome. It is all part of your purpose. Keep your focus on your Vision and play to win. You will rise and triumph because you are meant to.

Uplevel your environment
Put into place the space that supports you in your Leadership. If you are living in challenging circumstances start with a picture of that space in your mind and put it down by describing it in your journal. Create a Vision Board of that picture. This lets the Universe know what you want. Take action on the inspiration you receive.

Talk like a Leader
The words you speak to yourself and others are powerful. If you have put the first 2 steps into place your words will be aligned with your purpose. Affirmations and mantras are a must in your Leadership toolbox to keep your mind focused on your message and manifestation. Your people are waiting to hear from you.