One of the most important things I do in my work is to help clients shift their vibration. Everything is energy and it will determine what you are creating and experiencing. The paradox is that just when you are set for growth and expansion you will feel highly uncomfortable. The energy you have summoned to manifest what you want is bigger and higher than you are accustomed to. At this point, you will feel resistance and create even more discomfort.
So how can you tell where your energy is at? Here are two questions that will provide that information.
– How are you feeling?
– How is life presenting itself to you?
At any moment you have control of your energy.
Embrace any negativity that you feel. It is providing valuable information. Use it to examine, clarify and understand
Here are some ways to allow the energy to flow.
1. A good night’s sleep
Sleep can work wonders for renewing and replenishing your energy. Make it a priority when you are feeling low to make sleep a non-negotiable.
If sleep eludes you, create a bedtime ritual that supports to unwind your nervous system. Part of mine is a cup of herbal tea and journaling.
2. Speak more positive words
The words we think and speak are powerful. If your experience is stirring up old patterns, use affirmations or mantras to create a different experience.
IMG_3275Every day in every way it gets better and better. 
I easily find solutions. 
I inhale love and compassion. 
I live in the present.
I focus on what brings me joy. 
Peace descends all around me now. 
I am grateful for this moment. 
I sleep soundly and peacefully. 
3. Slow down to speed up
Take time to stop and do something that feels good to you. Make a better choice. Take the path of least resistance. Incorporate more fun by enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Spend time in nature. Read a good book. Enjoy something delicious. Talk to a loved one. Be present to this moment here and now and the abundance it provides.