Prince Edward Island



Summer is my favorite season and I am so enjoying the bounty of nature. I visited beautiful Prince Edward Island with my family to celebrate my birthday there.

The island feels like stepping into a magical storybook with rolling green hills, picturesque towns , quaint streets, lush flowers, artistic little stores, a peaceful waterfront and delicious food.

There is a wonderful calmness to the island. #heavenly

They also have the “Best Ice Cream in the World” as voted by Tauck World Discovery.  Today’s article was inspired by the beautiful drive to the Island.

Bridging the Gap


We drove over the Confederation Bridge that connects New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island. It is the longest bridge in the world over ice water. There is an awesome feeling of openness and expansiveness during the drive with just the vast ocean around and it inspired today’s article. I have great respect for the vision and tenacity of achievements that make a difference.

As a coach one of the most important thing I do with a client is clarify where a client is, know the desired outcome and help them find the solutions, resources and tools to bridge that gap. Bridges are symbols for connection, direction, support, crossing, security, progress, will, commitment and overcoming. There are many bridges we build in our lives and businesses.

Regardless of where we are there is always an area where we are beginners or in transition. That is what makes life exciting and also turbulent because life is constantly changing. Bridges provide stability over troubled waters so let’s get your bridge in place.

Get your journal and reflect on the following questions and insights.

1. Get clear on what you want

What do you want? This is one of the simplest and most powerful questions to ask before you can create any transformation. It is also the one most people are challenged with. What is the destination at the end of your bridge that you want to connect to? How willing and committed are you to reaching it? If your level of commitment is low then find a destination you are willing to invest time, energy and money in.

2. Build the Bridge

It is amazing how much support you will need to build your bridge. What support will your outcome need? The piers under a bridge are symbolic of support to uphold the bridge. The longer the bridge the more piers will be needed. A bridge also has anchors on both sides. What are your anchors and piers? The decisions you make here will determine the quality of your bridge.

3. Prepare for the destination

Knowing your desired outcome is what will help you to build a stable bridge and have the strong anchor you need on the other side to hold it up. It will define the support your bridge needs and the preparations that will make the destination more joyful. Whether it is a trip you are taking or a situation or project you are working on there is power in preparation. What do you need to have ready to create your strong anchor?

Building your bridge takes time, effort, patience, purpose, love, faith, dedication and plenty of support.