Ah money! It is such a charged subject and people exhibit so much fear and stress around it. That is why for a long time I have been so drawn to helping people heal their story around it.

I grew up in very poor surroundings but I had parents who consistently directed our focus to the abundance in our lives. So I know it is possible to exhibit wealth-consciousness no matter what your situation is.

Here are some soothing rituals to help shift your frequency around money.

1. Change your Physiology

Change begins with awareness of your own energy. Make a point to notice the feelings in your body when you are thinking about money. Unclench your fists, relax your jaw and shoulders, breath deeply.

Become aware of the thoughts you are thinking. Write them down and replace them with thoughts that empower you.

2. Affirm your abundance

I am a big believer in affirmations. Find the ones that help you reprogram the limiting beliefs you have around money. Experience what it will feel like when you have the abundance you are seeking. Add visuals, sound and smell to your affirmations to further enhance your results.

3. Be in the flow

Don’t hang on to money for dear life. Money is energy and energy likes to move and circulate. Your giving opens the path for you to receive more.

When you are feeling stuck in the money area think of where you are not giving. Give some money to someone or someplace that inspired you without expectations and enjoy the positive, joyful and calming feelings you will experience.

4. Pray

Ask for help from whatever Source you believe in. Ask for the faith you need to have in your own abundance. As a child I witnessed the power of this practice.

Choose prayers that give you feel-good emotions. Every culture has its own prayers. You can collect the ones you love and create your own prayer book as I did. Or you can buy many beautiful prayer books online.

Check out chapter 2 on faith in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

5. Give money a purpose

Instead of just wishing for an amount of money to come into your life become clear on what you want the money for. Write down exactly how you desire to use the money that you are asking for.

As you do this exercise really get into the feeling of how you will feel when you receive your desire. This is a fun and powerful process. Money is attracted to a purpose.

Enjoy these rituals and be sure to drop me a line on how they are raising your vibration!