It is the last day of 2014!

There is always such excitement when we approach a new year in our lives. There is a feeling of something wonderful waiting to be explored and experienced. Mark your Calendar for a Live VIP Experience in Toronto on January 20 to Empower your Feminine Leadership in 2015.

How did your year go? I trust that it bought you much goodness besides the challenges to expand who you are.


It has been an amazing year of stepping into a global brand and travelling to stunning locations around the world.

At this time of the year I like taking time and doing one off my favorite practices of honoring all that this year taught me. Check out the ritual below.

Thank you for being here and being part of my 2014!

Wishing you a magnificent 2015 and all that is possible in the adventure of your life and business.

Taking time to reflect on the past year brings appreciation and completion to the year as well as exploring gifts and insights that can be taken into 2015. Take some time to journal on the following questions. They will enrich your journey.

Make space to go deeper with your answers and discover the miracles 2014 brought to your life and business.

1. What challenged you this year?
2. How did these experiences grow and expand you?
3. What were your accomplishments this year?
4. What were the major highlights?
5. How did they enrich you?
6. What would you have liked to have done but didn’t?
7. What surprised you this year?
8. Which connections brought you joy?
9. Have you let them know?
10.What are you grateful for?

I love hearing from you. Just reply to this email to send me your comments and questions.

Looking forward to changing the world together in 2015!