I have just returned from a trip to hot, sunny Miami. I loved the abundance and lushness of palm trees, the vivid blue sky and the turquoise ocean. Not to mention the Latin vibe of the beautiful city.

I was attending a business conference and completing a year’s training in business and coaching. I was staying at the Trump International Beach Resort. It is the exact same place where I attended my first high end event 6 years ago.  My journey has taken much longer. 2014 has been the year I could finally step into the global brand I felt called to.

I led a powerful Global Women’s Circle with 30 international women entrepreneurs on the beach in Miami.  There is a feeling of such connectedness and contribution to the Global Heart.

I look forward to someday meeting you in person in a Global Women’s Circle. Watch out for information on the next location in one of the most fascinating places in the world.

What an exciting time on the planet as the possibilities and resources keep expanding for women that are changing the world. If you doubt that you have what it takes to create an impact drop that thought right now. If you are alive on this planet this moment then someone somewhere in your world or the world is needing what you have now. Right now you could be in a cycle of preparation, on the verge of your breakthrough or rising up in your fullness.

Wherever you are, take time to be present to what is coming through you and pay attention to the signs and messages.

Here are 5 tips to support you wherever you may be on your journey.

1.  Be clear on your Mission

Your Mission is your calling. It is a pull in your heart that lets you overcome the challenges and find solutions and pathways that seemingly did not exist. Your Mission lights you up and guides you to your destiny. If you are unclear or want to deepen your understanding of your Mission you can join my 4 week online course in January here.

2.  Read what is aligned

Reading is a powerful ritual to expand your consciousness. Make it part of your daily practice to read what will support you in your Mission. Find the books that will bring out your very best. Figure out the area in you that needs strengthening or more awareness and read a book that is aligned with it. Reading is a fuel source that is priceless.

3.  Surround yourself with world players

We are a product of our environment. If you are in a place where you have outgrown your’s there will be a time of loneliness that is part of your discovery and reflection for your next level.
Take time to know who you want to become in your Mission and the Universe will support you with opportunities and people.

4.  Invest in yourself

This is an absolute must when you uplevel your life and business. You will invest time, money and energy into what will support you in your Mission. Whether it is things, programs, products clothes, self care or experiences you require. You will be stretching your limits along the way. Make a list of what you are needing now for your next step. Your investments will be a reflection of what you value.

5.  Travel

Travelling is a way to connect you to the wealth of our world. It is an experience that allows you to receive the endless bounty and beauty of this planet. In receiving you will become that woman who is changing the world by being who she is.




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