Parisian Soirée

I am back in Toronto from my trip to Switzerland, Germany, Italy and France. I loved the enriching experience of being with family, drinking in the beauty of Switzerland, witnessing Fifa World Cup fever in Europe, doing International VIP Intensives, attending a business training, leading an International Healing and Power Circle on the Champ de Mars near the Eiffel Tower and doing a photo shoot in Paris amongst many other things.

I watched Midnight in Paris on the flight from Toronto to Zurich. You can watch the utterly beautiful intro scene here. This City of Light and Love truly romances the feminine heart.

Today’s article is about some of the things that support me on my travels and really make a difference in the quality of my experience.

International Travel Fun

Traveling for a holiday and traveling as an Entrepreneur are different experiences and need different approaches. For this trip I combined both together and learned a lot during the process. Here are some things that I did that were very helpful for me.

1. Travel journal

For traveling I carry a journal that has my whole itinerary in there as well as places I will be visiting, including addresses and phone numbers. I add any other relevant number and information I need to have. It is a given that plans change and something has to be switched but with a structure in place it was much easier to do so.

2. Must-have gadget

It’s absolutely my iPhone for me. I used it to take pictures, stay in touch with family, schedule meetings and much more. I could do business just with this alone. During this trip I created many lists in the notes section for the different cities I was visiting as well as making notes during the trip of anything I realized I could do better for my next trip.

I now have an International Travel list that I can pull up next time. I did have technical trouble with my iPhone and was very impressed by what I call the SwissApple standard of service in Zurich and Geneva.

3. International calling

I was delighted to find out about the Travel pack from my service provider. It allowed me to make calls to anywhere in the world from wherever I was without being Wi-Fi dependent.

This made it so easy for me to stay in touch with my family, call to schedule or change appointments I had and just feeling wonderful about doing business and life more efficiently with the right support in place.




How Leaders Influence

by Fatma Zaidi on May 23, 2014

It is such an exciting time as I see more women everywhere taking their lives in their own hands and doing what it takes to live a life they love and deserve. To be able to coach these game changing women has to be the most fulfilling work in the world.

As a Feminine Leader you must be feeling the current shifting and the calling to lead the change. If you are heeding it then you will be feeling the same way about your work. If not then take the time to get clear on what you would love to do that is meaningful and fulfilling for you.

My International VIP Intensives are just what you might need to reach your next level.
Schedule a 30 minute discovery session at to discuss how a VIP Intensive in another country can give you the breakthrough you need to create an income doing what you love.


How Leaders Influence

It is common to see both women and men doubt their Leadership abilities regardless of what level they are working at in business or corporate especially if they are approaching a new level. You can only influence others to the extent you influence yourself. Make it part of your daily practice and the rest will flow from there.

Look inward
There is only one of you on this planet and you are here to live your unique purpose. A woman who is connected to herself and her purpose becomes a transformational force of nature. When you are in your Zone of Genius your passion and joy will be contagious.

Look upward
Your true self is always receiving guidance from God for your purpose. Ask for what you need and be open to receiving support. Use prayer, meditation and journaling to hear the answers. Listen and take action on them. It is where you source your Power.

Stay in the Game
The journey of a Feminine Leader is a journey of courage, vulnerability and faith. There will always be challenges and obstacles to overcome. It is all part of your purpose. Keep your focus on your Vision and play to win. You will rise and triumph because you are meant to.

Uplevel your environment
Put into place the space that supports you in your Leadership. If you are living in challenging circumstances start with a picture of that space in your mind and put it down by describing it in your journal. Create a Vision Board of that picture. This lets the Universe know what you want. Take action on the inspiration you receive.

Talk like a Leader
The words you speak to yourself and others are powerful. If you have put the first 2 steps into place your words will be aligned with your purpose. Affirmations and mantras are a must in your Leadership toolbox to keep your mind focused on your message and manifestation. Your people are waiting to hear from you.


Back from a trip to Los Angeles for a business training with international women entrepreneurs.

What a feeling to wake up in the morning to a beautiful view of the Marina from my room on one side at the Ritz Carlton in Marina del Rey and an expansive view of Los Angeles on the other side.

The Marina is the world’s largest man made harbor for small boats and contains 7000 of them.

I am an observer and get a lot of insights from watching the world around me. Putting myself in a high vibration environment of brilliant women allowed me to put my finger on the pulse of today’s world changing woman and I am sharing some of what supports us to live the life we love.  


View from my room.

Normal is not your destiny 
You know that you are here for more. You were born to express what you have come to live for. You try to fit into someone’s idea of your success and it isn’t feeling good. Your pain is a sign of you not living in your truth. Keep believing in that voice that is guiding you towards your greatness. Your destiny is awaiting you and it is anything but normal. It also requires great courage. Being you is the adventure of a lifetime.
Someday is here 
It really is. You only have today and all you have to do is to live it well. It is when you make the most of your present moment and present place regardless of your circumstances and environment that you will create the transformation you desire.      
Pay the price 
There is a price for everything in Life. You get to choose what price you want to pay. It will determine where and how you spend your time, money, energy and effort and who you surround yourself with. What price are you paying?
Answer the calling 
You are feeling it. You get the messages. You see the signs. You hear the voice. You turn away and distract yourself and keep yourself busy. The feeling doesn’t stop. What will it take to say yes to your Calling?
Allow yourself to receive 
Life wants to show you its richness and share with you. It is natural for you to desire more for you because the Universe expresses and expands itself through you. Release what you need to and make space for what you want to flow in. Maintain a sense of Gratitude for all that life has to offer.




It was such an honor to lead the Healing Circle of International Women Entrepreneurs from countries like Namibia, Germany, Wales, UK, Scotland, US, Canada and Australia. The ceremony took place at sunset on the beautiful beach in Los Angeles that provided the perfect vibration for the sacredness of the process.

The following was part of what I did and I am posting it especially for the participants who were moved to tears by it.

The beautiful “Instructions for Freedom” is from “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. It was given to her by a poet from New Zealand during a stay in an Ashram as she was struggling to come to terms with her divorce. On the rooftop of the Ashram, at sunset with a warm breeze blowing and the evening stars starting to sparkle, she goes through the following process.

Instructions for Freedom

  1. Life’s metaphors are God’s instructions.
  2. You have just climbed up and above the roof. There is nothing between you and the Infinite. Now, let go.
  3. The day is ending. It’s time for something that was beautiful to turn into something else that is beautiful. Now, let go.
  4. Your wish for a resolution was a prayer. Your being here is God’s response. Let go, watch the stars come out – on the outside and on the inside.
  5. With all your heart, ask for grace, and let go.
  6. With all your heart, forgive him, FORGIVE YOURSELF, and let him go.
  7. Let your intention be freedom from useless suffering. Then, let go.
  8. Watch the heat of the day go by into the cool of the night. Let go.
  9. When the karma of a relationship is done, only love remains. It’s safe. Let go.
  10. When the past has passed from you at last, let go. Then climb down and begin the rest of your life. With great joy. 

Prayer from Course of Miracles 

I let go of the past and choose to accept every situation as being for me and not against me.  In forgiving, I have the opportunity to be  grateful for how the experience I’ve forgiven has supported my growth.   Today I plant seeds of faith and self-love knowing I am now living in peace and harmony.  I begin this day with forgiveness and live each moment with an open and loving heart.     Only my condemnation injures me. Only my forgiveness sets me free.


Pictures by Kerry Sheppard Nieberding and Juliet Turalski.




 My definition of Wealth-Consciousness is the mindset you need to live the life you love.  True Wealth is wellbeing in all areas of your life. This article is based on the principle “Think in a Certain Way” from the Science of Getting Rich, the book behind the movie The Secret. You can download a free copy of the book here. Wealth-consciousness is a daily practice and requires a high level of awareness. Here is how you can support Mind, Body and Soul every day to expand your wellbeing.

Mind: Think in a Certain Way
To see a change in any area of your life you have to think in a Certain Way. The mind’s greatest power is the power to make a choice. In our deepest areas the power to choose determines the world we see, the relationships we have and the success we experience.  When you are crystal clear about your desires you will think in a Certain Way and make appropriate choices.  Hold your mind fixed upon the picture of what you want. What new choice can you make today to align with what you want?

Body: Live in a Certain Way
To experience physical wellbeing you need good food, safe shelter, beautiful clothes, rest, recreation and ease of living. To experience more wellbeing you need to do things in a Certain Way and in order to do so you must be able to think in a Certain Way. To get inspired look towards the people who are already living the life you desire and begin to live in a Certain Way that allows you to have that life too. If you want to be fit, healthy and strong, look towards those who exhibit these qualities. They do things in a Certain Way and you have the choice to do the same too. What one area of your physical wellbeing  is calling to you right now to live in a Certain Way? 

Soul: Love in a Certain Way
Love nourishes and expands your soul. To be truly happy a person has to experience  complete expression of mind, body and soul.  Nobody can be really happy unless mind, body and soul are living fully in every function. The soul thrives on the love we give and receive. The practice of Wealth-Consciousness is about living the life you love. Your life is the expression of who  you are. It begins with valuing and leading yourself first. Where are you tolerating instead of allowing the Love you so deserve to live the life you love?

Think, Live and Love in a Certain Way!


Yes You Can!

by Fatma Zaidi on February 28, 2014

Can you feel it? There is a quickening on this planet. There is a rising up of feminine energy as women everywhere are rewriting the rules and changing the game. It is a most amazing time to be alive as a woman. We are leading the Change and everyone gets to win. 

Here in Toronto a freezing winter is in no way diminishing my inspiration . I am so excited to be launching the Fabulous Me World Series in April. The idea was born at the Fabulous Me Event in Dubai when participants wished they could keep the energy going and I said I would create an online experience to do that. 

The idea grew to a Series of conversations with Feminine Leaders around the World. I have chosen women from varied backgrounds at different stages of their journey with one thing in common: Leaders inspire others to become Leaders. The intention is to bring world class Sparkle, Power and Dazzle to your Life and Business. Watch this space for more news. 

If you are ready to play at world class, figure out your unique style of Feminine Leadership and transform your Wealth-Consciousness then you will love a VIP Intensive with me where the focus is entirely on you. Next destination to experience your personal transformation is the lush surrounding of the Four Seasons in Beverley Hills, Los Angeles where Richard Gere wooed Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. If this is making you swoon contact for more info. Anything is possible because you desire it!

Today’s article is to support you to keep on keeping on. Yes You Can!
Quote inside Burj Khalifa, Dubai – The tallest building on the planet
We are all programmed with beliefs that are deeply embedded in our subconscious. One of the joys of my coaching is to help unlock and bring forth the beliefs that hold us from becoming who we are capable of. Doing that inner work is the hardest work you will ever do. That is why powerful coaching combined with a client’s commitment is so transformational to operate in your zone of genius. 

We all have an upper limit to the amount of joy, happiness, money and love we can handle. That limit has been set in our childhood. The habitual patterns keep on influencing us as adults in ways that we don’t even realize without deeper work. It is this inquiry that helps shatter the ceilings at every level of growth. 

Here are just some of the fears we deal with.
  • Guilt
  • Rejection
  • Don’t know enough
  • Don’t know how
  • Don’t have a degree
  • Don’t know how to communicate
  • Don’t have the money
  • Public speaking terrifies me
  • Failure
  • Success
Here is the truth though expressed eloquently by Marianne Williamson.
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.”
If there is only one powerful tip I can give you it is to feel it in your heart that you are here for a special purpose and that Yes You Can live it! Once you make that decision you will change your point of attraction and the Universe will conspire with you. 

Find something to love that is more powerful than anything you fear. 
Change your Frequency – Change your Manifestation

Delighted to be supporting you in changing your Frequency.


Healing a Leader’s Heart

by Fatma Zaidi on February 14, 2014


Queen Rania awarding Malala the Leadership in Civil Society Award

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s Love Month and I love talking about Love. Not the sugar candy version which is nice too. I love to talk about the Love that shatters walls, breaks barriers and boundaries, climbs mountains and can be seen in Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa.  It just radiates in my favorite 21st century Feminine Leader Queen Rania of Jordan.

It is the Love that goes the distance, moves you to greater heights, expands your consciousness, generates your soul and surpasses limits. It is the Love that heals and changes the world.

Love is the ultimate essence of true healing.

Anyone can be a Leader but not everyone is called to be one. If your calling is Leadership it is imperative to do your inner work daily. As a Leader you are a beacon of Love for those you are here to serve. Every single heart needs healing but for Leaders it is a responsibility that comes with your mission and vision for our planet.  Make it non-negotiable.

The heart is the physical energy center where your humanity and spirituality meet.  Its wellbeing is the soul journey of a lifetime. This journey is what we are here to do.  All my work revolves around making this journey joyful and abundant.

Here is what you will need for this adventure as you make the difference only you can make.

1. Journal

Journaling is the single most potent and powerful tool for healing, self-discovery and self-actualization. It is the one most people resist doing. Get that journal and crack the code on you.

2. Field of Love

Figure out who and what feeds your Love. Nurture what nurtures you.  Your Field of Love is your foundation.

3. Know your Medicine

Get clear on what tools support your wellbeing. Medicine wears off. Take yours consistently.

4. Forgiveness

Not forgiving is a very painful place to be in. It keeps you from moving into your greatness. Be kind to yourself and start by forgiving yourself. Let go. Forgiveness sets you free.


When you are grateful during times of challenge you are able to see the gift in it. You will discover treasures that would not have been available to you without that experience. Take your most painful life experience and write down 10 blessings you received from it. Gratitude will put you back in the vortex.

Love just is. Love is eternal. Love is the answer.



The Fabulous Me Event in Dubai was truly fabulous. What a joy to be able to teach the amazing people in the room and see their breakthroughs. The energy in the room was so harmonious and everyone mentioned how connected they felt with everyone. I cherish this soul-fulfilling experience.

I am grateful to Shemin Jiwani for her beautiful organization, to my brother Mohammed Nensi for flying in from Switzerland to take pictures of the Event, to Jumeirah Beach Hotel for their outstanding royal treatment for us and the absolutely stunning environment of the venue.

Dubai was a WOW experience! It is the most happening place on the planet and everywhere you encounter the biggest, bestest, tallest and mostest of the world. This week’s article is about my lessons from the City of Gold.

The word Leadership is displayed on billboards throughout Dubai in conjunction with the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

A visionary Leader, an avid equestrian and a noted poet he ranks globally as one of the top 10 Leaders who Tweets. He has transformed his country into the world’s most luxurious resort and sought-after business destination. A Leader of the people for the people, he is well loved and respected.

“We have grown to love goodness, courtesy and grace. We do not seek pride or bragging rights for doing good deeds; rather we are satisfied with God’s acceptance and the prayers of others, as this work is part of our duties as humanitarians.”

My own teachings and philosophy were mirrored back; magnified in an awe-inspiring expression of such beauty.

1.  Anything is possible because you desire it.
Dubai embodies this principle everywhere. All great things on this planet begin with a desire. Know what you really want and focus on your vision. What do you desire?

2.  Listen to your intuition.
Your true desires become crystal clear when you listen to your heart and the Universe moves in to open the way for you. What is your heart telling you?

3.  Transform your Wealth-Consciousness
And it begins with you! Money can allow us to make contributions to our world in endless ways. What would you do if you had more money?

4.  Live your Magnificence
You are an expression of a benevolent Universe.  You make the world a more beautiful place by being you. How are you living your Magnificence?

5.  Unite
When we come together we are strong and everyone wins. The impossible becomes easy. Where could more Unity support you?

“The union of these seven emirates represents an unshakable force and an impregnable fortress that cannot be weakened by challenges.  This union is the source of all our confidence and our strength.”


Thrilled to manifest a camel ride on the beach for my VIP client at the Ritz Carlton in Dubai.



2014 is going to be a special year for everyone!

It started off with the rare occurrence of a Super Moon and will continue to delight us with a paradigm shift that will have all of us raising our consciousness to experience new ways of being.

Today’s article is to support you in planting the Seeds of Love that expand your soul and bring your Magnificence to the world.

You are the wealth of the Universe and your Beingness is vital to its evolution. Your Seeds of Love contribute to the Global Heart.  In a seed lies the potential to shape this Universe.

You have the power to become a deliberate creator of your own life and consequently actively shape our world. As you plant your Seeds of Love remember that you can’t force a flower to bloom before its time.

Dream big and beautiful. Nurture and care for your Seeds. Have faith and trust they will yield an abundant and extraordinary bounty.

Here is what you will need…

Create Sacred Space -
Create the Space you will need for your dreams to flourish.  Bringing in the new requires you to release so you can receive.

Theme -
Choose a word that represents what you would like 2014 to represent for you.  You will be amazed at what having a theme will open you up to. Take the time to listen to your heart to uncover what you need.

Desires -
Your heart’s desires help you become more of who you are as you walk the journey of expanding your soul.  Listen to the whispers of the Universe and pay attention to them. Follow your inner guidance.  Ask yourself who you need to BE to live your desire and be the change you want to see.

Your No List -
To say YES to your magnificence and your dreams you will have to say NO to what does not serve you anymore.  Create a list of what you will say NO to in 2014 so that you can say YES to what will transform your life.

Support -
You can’t do it all alone.  Put in the support you and your dream will need.  The bigger your dream the more support you will need.

Self-care -
To lead others you have to lead yourself first.  What Self-care can you put into place to fuel you so you can show up powerfully as a World Changing Feminine Leader?

Vision Board -
Fun Time!  A Vision or Dream Board is a visual reminder of your dreams.  Once you have done all the work above you can now get creative and play full out. Cut out words and pictures from magazines that represent your dreams and glue them on a board.  Add to it whatever makes your heart sing.  Express Gratitude for all that has emerged through you.  Place it where it will continue empowering and inspiring you to stay focused on what you want.

Soul-inspired action -
Taking action is absolutely necessary to bring your dreams alive.  Yet the Vibration of your dreams precedes your action.  Become aware of your Energy and Passion.  Honor your own needs and what replenishes your soul.  Let your soul connection help you maintain a balance of action and inaction.

Lead with Love and make 2014 awesome!

Affirmation… The glory of the Universe is flowing through me!


Year-end Questions

by Fatma Zaidi on December 31, 2013

Taking time to reflect on the past year brings appreciation and completion to the year as well as gifts and insights that can be taken into 2014.  Take some time over the holidays to journal on the following questions.  They will enrich your journey.

Make space to go deeper with your answers and discover the miracles 2013 brought to your life and business.

  1. What challenged you this year?
  2. How did these experiences grow and expand you?
  3. What were your accomplishments this year?
  4. What were the major highlights?
  5. How did they enrich you?
  6. What would you have liked to have done but didn’t?
  7. What surprised you this year?
  8. Which connections brought you joy?
  9. Have you let them know?
  10. What are you grateful for?
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