Insights from Sydney

by Fatma Zaidi on October 16, 2014


Insights from Sydney


My trip to Sydney was absolutely amazing. I loved Sydney the moment I stepped out of the airport on my last trip 10 months ago. This time I was able to see even more of it including touring the Sydney Opera House. What an engineering marvel! Its design was picked up from the rejection pile.

So awesome to have a view of it and of Sydney harbour from my room at the Four Seasons. Sydney harbour is known as the most beautiful harbour in the world. I just had to cross the road to take a walk along it.  I love the energy and people there. How wonderful to pick up my green juice at 7 am in the morning and be called Darling and Love.  

The Fabulous Me World Series  I launched last week has just ended.  The conversations with 11 Feminine Leaders from around the world are filled with superb global inspiration. You can join the global conversation for FREE here and receive the Replays that will be sent out tomorrow.

I flew across the world from Toronto to Sydney to attend a business conference.  I share with you some of the valuable insights from the World-Class experience.

When you apply even one or two of them to your life and business you will see the rewards.

We get to begin every moment.

Your empowerment is your freedom.

People who look like everything they touch turns to gold read regularly.

Put in whatever time you need to put in for your life to be working.

Someone or something has to be consistently working on your business.

When you add your thumbprint you become a success.

To make money doing what you love needs passion, energy and clarity.

So much of what you do needs to have a purpose.

Do it the way you want to do it.

Use our voices to make contributions far greater than ourselves and includes ourselves.

Value true smart business prowess combined with miracle mindedness.

Do it consistently.

Let me know in the comments which ones speak to you.







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